What Dad's Need This Father's Day.

In a lot of ways, fathers carry a burden that few of us can imagine. Even though women are opening businesses at a faster rate than men in 2020, the majority of small business owners are still men. And even though women work and contribute to the financial health of their families, most men still feel the pressure of providing financially for their families.

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty, with a global pandemic, racial tensions, economic devastation, for many families, Father’s must navigate these challenges while still creating and supporting a stable environment for their family - and they are expected to do this with strength, as leaders and without crumbling under the weight of it all.

This Father’s Day, the Entrepreneurship Center @Community Teamwork could provide a nice list of cool gift ideas and local experiences that you can use to create a connection with the father in your life. But mostly, we would like to take a moment to remember how important fathers are and to set aside time to fully appreciate the role and contribution that fathers make to their families, their community and the economy.

As George Floyd’s daughter, Gianna, beautifully stated “Dad Changed the World”. In some small way, this is true about all Dads.

In addition, to supporting a local Father-preneur, this Father’s Day, our hope is, that each of us can give to the fathers in our lives, the gift of recognition, appreciation, and gratitude.

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