Tips To Focus on Abundance

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Abundance, at some level, is a choice. Abundance, at some level, is looking at what you have and seeing it as enough, or even better, more than enough.

For the majority of small business owners, COVID has tested their ability to believe that what they have is enough because frankly, based on what is needed to meet their financial obligations, it is not.

For that reason, it might seem odd to talk about abundance at this particular time. Still, I believe that it is because of the gap between what we need and what we have, that choosing to focus on abundance is necessary, if, for no other reason, to preserve your sanity.

The truth about abundance is, however, is that there is no gap between what we need and what we have. It's not magic, but it is magical somehow. Honestly, I can't explain how abundance works.

What I do know for certain, however, is that when I focus on abundance - in my life or business, the gap between what I need and what I have always disappears.

Here are a few tips I use when I find myself living in financial fear, either in my business or in my life. Obviously, none of these tips are going to get your business up to 100% capacity, or end your COVID challenges, but, if all they do is reset your mind so you can innovate new solutions for your business, then perhaps it is worth trying them out.

Daily Breathwork:

I do this in a hundred different ways, with each day being different depending on my mindset, mood, time, or other factors. The purpose of intentional breathing activities is to ground yourself. Too often, especially if we tend to be highly mentally engaged in all the problematic things that are going on around us, we can get lost in the fear and uncertainty that life inevitably presents. Breathwork is a grounding agent.

For the past four years, I have been practicing breathwork with Wim Hof. Currently, I do morning breathwork with his app – typically before I get out of bed. I like this because the breathing is guided, and you can track your progress in the app. It is also free.

Wim Hof App

Daily Gratitude:

Gratitude has been an interesting discovery for me. On some levels, it seems obvious – be humble, be grateful. What I now understand is that gratitude reaches into the body on a cellular level. Without sounding too crazy, gratitude heals.

Masuru Emoto did a famous water experiment in which he spoke words of gratitude to the water and then measured it's frozen structure. He found that water that was spoken to with gratitude was beautiful, bright, and symmetrical. In contrast to the water that was spoken to with negative words. That water was deformed, dark, and dull. Apply that experiment to your body and it becomes obvious that positive, statements of gratitude will have a positive effort.

My recommendation:

· State the gratitude out loud and express gratitude for the things that is the most challenging for you. You may not be ready to feel the emotion of gratitude yet, but you will, over time.

· As a bonus, let yourself see the benefit of the experience that is so challenging so that, over time, you can experience the emotion of gratitude around it.

Masuro Emoto Experiment

Abundance Meditation:

This is simply about giving your mind a break from fear. Take a few minutes everyday to communicate to your mind that you live with abundance. This way takes a little longer to show external results, but, like everything else I've mentioned, stick with. If for no other reason, then to give your mind a break from the panic.

There are a million free, guided meditations online. Here is one example.

Abundance Meditation

None of this suggestions will fill your bank account over night, but a mindset of abundance, or even just a daily break from the mental anguish that COVID has created for most small business owners, might be enough to help you discover new innovative ways to run your business and will certain create a small space for peace of mind.

If you get a chance to try this, please let me know. I am always happy to share additional tips and approaches and would love to see how these small tweaks to your day might improve your life.

with deep gratitude,


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