Sometimes Knowledge Is Hidden In Plain Sight

Despite the fact that Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United State, the first time I learned about Juneteenth was June 18th 2020. The realization that I lacked knowledge about something, that to other people seems obvious, helped me understand and accept that education and knowledge is sometimes hidden in plain site.

Debra Fowler, co-founder of HistoryUnErased also found this to be true as she set out to educate people on the enormous value and contribution that LGBTQ+ individuals have made on society throughout history.

What she found, as she and her co-founder began to build curriculum and tell the story of HistoryUnErased, was that very few people, even members of the LGBTQ+ community were knowledgeable about the critical contributions this group have and continue to make across all sectors, industries and fields.

In this great interview, she recounts a lovely story of joy and freedom that was created in a young man as he learned positive stories about people with whom he identified.

As an educator, and through HistoryUnErased, Debra continues to drive change, with a mission to "put LGBTQ+ history in its rightful place - the classroom

HistoryUnErased curriculum, “Intersections and Connections” is the FIRST and ONLY LGBT+ inclusive U.S. history curriculum in the nation that contextualizes the story of America within a civics-based, intersectional lens.

She has learned over the years that running a non-profit is a lot like running a business and she continues to innovated, evaluate and explore new ways to serve her mission while making a living.

Please enjoy this interview and share your thoughts:

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