Peace, Love & Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Could Peace, Love, & Entrepreneurship be 2020's version of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll? As someone who works with entrepreneurs all day, every day, I believe I am witnessing a new trend emerge - a desire to save the world; not through social service but through entrepreneurship. If this decade proves to be the Age of Entrepreneurship, I hope that it proves to be the age of service through entrepreneurship. In the corporate world, I first heard about entrepreneurial service with the book

Conscious Capitalism. For those of us who had leadership positions in medium to size large companies, this book was transformational.

Last year, Conscious Capitalism’s co-author, Raj Sisodia published a book called The Healing Organization. This book took the concept even farther, challenging businesses to play a role in healing the world. As with all good trends, I am beginning to see a deeply rooted, grass roots movement emerging around these concepts, in which heart centered, idealistic and passionate individuals are making intentional decisions to have a positive impact on their world and community. And, they are using the tool of entrepreneurship to achieve their goals.

Food heals. Movement heals. Community heals. If you are paying attention, you will easily find people like Kim Ket, a local yoga teacher and entrepreneur who believe in their power to hear, are committed to improving their communities and trust that their community will support them in return, as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a space in which innovation, service, self-actualization, freedom and justice can all reside, in harmony. Isn't it likely too, that it can also be a leader in creating a more peaceful, loving and equitable society?

I beIieve it can, and must be! I can hardly imagine a greater honor than to contribute to a more peaceful and loving world by supporting entrepreneurs, like Kim from LoWellness, who have decided to dedicate their lives to healing their community while providing for their family financially.

I do hope, that we, as consumers, provide love and peace of mind to these courageous individuals by supporting them on their entrepreneurial journey.

with gratitude,


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