Local skin care products in the Merrimack Valley

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

As local shops start re-opening, we are excited to continue our efforts to contribute to our local economy by buying from small businesses. Today we are sharing 5 of our favorite skin care products by local entrepreneurs. We hope you enjoy getting to know them a little bit more and consider them on your next shop:

Amaranth and Rue

Location : Western Ave, Lowell MA

Amaranth and Rue are local life essentials businesses. They sell things from jewelry , to soap and lifestyle products. All of their soaps are handmade right here in town. Some of their lifestyle products include sage , essential oils , zodiac candles and more. They also make chapstick and make some of their products refillable which is good to save money and is recycled to help out the earth. You can check out these products at and view there many options. Their products come in many sizes from travel size to large , and their products are sold at an affordable price.

Red antler

Location: Jackson street , Lowell MA

Red Antler is a very nice and eco- friendly store. Their store focuses on selling soaps , oils , hand sanitizer , deodorant, grooming materials and more of your other daily good skin care goods. All of their products are made from scratch and are ensured that they are the best. Their handmade products help stop irritation , dryness and other issues when they switch from generic soap to the homemade soap. They’re no toxins , no fillers and absolutely no testing their products on animals as their products are ethically made. Check out to see all their products that you may love. They have free shipping on orders that cost more than 30 dollars using the code “ free shipping” check out their Instagram @redantlerapothrcary for a close up and detailed look!

Joni's Boutique

Location: Chelmsford St, Chelmsford MA

Joni's Boutique focuses on skin care and make up. The store is owned and run by Joni Leahy. The Boutique offers many services like facials , anti-aging treatment , waxing and more. Store owner Joni is a licensed esthetician and has been for 25 years. The boutique spa is a great way to relieve stress and revitalize your mind, body, and skin. As people walk in the boutique in Everest their staff works with clients individually to provide the best skin care essentials for you that are personalized to you for the best results! Check them out at and check out their Instagram at @jonisboutiquee for a more close up look!

Aesthetic Exchange

Location: Main Street , Tewksbury MA

Aesthetic exchange is owned and ran by Jessica Fitzmaurice. They have many ranging from anti-aging products to wrinkle products and more. Jessica had been a licensed esthetician for about 17 years. The store works with each client personally to get products perfect for their skin. There are products for everyone like aging, acne, sensitivity, dryness,normal skin types and more. Not only does Jessica and the store do all that she also works with many other professionals dedicated to help you find and get exactly what you’re looking for in a skin care product or treatment. You can check them out or on Instagram @asthetics_exchange.

We hope you enjoy this list! Didn't see your favorite? Comment below with your favorite local skin care product and see it featured here.

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