Local Diners in the Merrimack Valley

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Craving some yummy breakfast and brunch?

Better prices, delicious homemade food and helping local entrepreneurs are just a few reasons why we love these places!

Check out the local diners in the city of Lowell. These diners are locally run and have been around for years. Each diner has its own unique quality that makes it special. So if you ever need anything from a coffee to a full plate meal, don’t hesitate to visit any of these diners!

They have pride in serving the community!

Corner cafe

The Corner Cafe is a family owned restaurant. It’s run by Fotoula along with her nephew and head chef Kostas. The diners motto/promise Is “ To

serve only the freshest and best quality ingredients to their guests.” The Corner Cafe takes pride in serving Lowell and other cities nearby! The Corner Cafe serves breakfast and lunch and is open daily from 7-2pm. It’s located at 1164 Lawrence St, Lowell, MA.

Check them out at ,

Instagram @thecornercafe_lowell

Facebook @thecornercafe

Pawtucketville Diner

Pawtucketville diner is a diner that is located in Pawtucketville sitting at 369 Mammoth Rd Lowell MA. It’s a family owned diner that is owned by Donald Roy. They serve breakfast and brunch and are open for take out daily from 7am-2pm on Monday through Friday (Saturday/Sunday 7am-12:30pm)

Check them out at on Instagram @pawtucketvillediner ,

And facebook @pawtucketvillediner

Club diner

Club diner is an old-school, long-running American restaurant with late-night hours. They serve breakfast and lunch and dinner. It is located by downtown Lowell sitting on 145 Dutton street Lowell MA. They are open daily for takeout from 5am-2pm then they reopen from 11pm-3:30am (Saturday/Sunday 5am-12:30PM).

Check them out at

Facebook @CLubDinerPicturePage

Cameo Diner

A small family owned diner located in centerville lowell at 715 Lakeview ave Lowell MA. They are open Tuesday through from 6am-11am. Everything is cooked fresh to order and we take great pride in our product. They value every single customer and make them feel at home. They serve a great variety of breakfast foods and sandwiches.

Check them out at @CameoDiner

Connector Cafe and Grill

Connected Cafe and Grill is a diner located in the highlands at ​724 Chelmsford Street

Lowell , MA. This restaurant specializes in Paleo cuisine which is like vegetables , meats, seafood , eggs , fruits and etc and typically doesn’t include dairy products , grains , sugar and more. You can order takeout or delivery on grub hub or Uber eats. They are open daily Monday through Sunday from 6am-3pm.

Check them out at

Facebook @connectorcafeandgrill

Arthur's Diner

Arthur’s diner is a small restaurant located in the outskirts of downtown Lowell right before centerville sitting at 112 bridge street Lowell , MA. This diner is known for their amazing and delicious sandwiches called Boott Mills! It consists of a sandwich with freshly cooked homestyle fries topped with fried egg , cheese , and lastly your choice of meat (for example bacon , sausage etc.). They serve their meals at a reasonable price and are open daily for takeout from 6am-12pm (closed Sunday’s) .

Check them out on facebook @arthursparadisediner

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