Meet Your Local Hair Stylist

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

We have been excited that as businesses keep re-opening, we are able to visit local entrepreneurs and get to know them a little bit more. In this opportunity, we interviewed Jamie, owner at Corner Cuts located in Andover. Franky, director of the Entrepreneurship Center at CTI, lead this conversation and we had a great time visiting her business.

How Long have you been in this industry?

Since 2000 Where is your education?

Received my cosmetology license Shawsheen vocational school. Why did you decide to open up this business?

I thought this was a great town to open up my salon/barbershop because Andover is a well-known are. I have wanted to help with shopping at small local businesses. Not only since the pandemic but also since the Columbia gas explosion. I find that being open the first year wasn’t a struggle but actually beneficial because people were wanting to come in and give me the business after the quarantine they want to help local small businesses out.

What is your business specialty?

I specialize in men’s cuts but I do everything from Chariton treatments for women to cutting children’s hair. What is your personal specialty?

I really enjoy doing colors I have worked in Andover for many years before opening up my shop. I love free lighting balayage.

What are you doing to keep your business safe during Covid?

Well even before quarantine, we always had high standards of disinfecting and sanitizing our shop so nothings really changed other than wearing the mask and keeping a log journal of our clients and numbers in case of emergency. The fact that it is a small shop I think eases peoples mind that there’s just me and the client. Lots of PPE! I like fresh air so I keep doors open as well as long as it is not snowing! Soon enough corner cuts will be a barbershop on the Go! I plan to convert a Van into a one station salon to travel to people that do not feel safe going into salons.

What inspired you on your entrepreneurial journey?

Definitely, Kelly from the Entrepreneurship Center was a big help and giving me a boost of confidence to getting the key to my salon. She helped me on everything from how to handle my books to marketing my business. Honestly, you all been a big help it’s nice to know that there is programs like this to help people start their business. I wish I did this a long time ago!

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy "task", make sure you support them by buying local! Thanks Jamie for your time and we wish you the best in your entrepreneurial journey.


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