Entrepreneurs Spotlight

Successful entrepreneurs believe in building relationships, believe value is the key to success, believe in the power of focus and find mentors who walk alongside. 

I’ve learned a lot watching Meghan and how she operates her business, EYEFUL Beauty , over the years. She is determined, goes after what she wants, creates her vision with excellence and is a direct, thoughtful and compassionate leader. I learned even more about her and her character in this interview. In some ways Meg reminds me of me, and in other ways she is so much better.


It was good to have a more nuanced understanding of how to run a successful salon and barbershop and I was inspired to learn of all the innovative and intentional ways that Megan is adapting and thriving, during COVID-19, in order to operate safely, sustainable while planning to thrive in this new economy.


She gave some great tips for other salon owners to follow and I have faith that she is going to continue to achieve great things in her business and her community.

And, I am convinced, she will be an excellent mother - a most excellent mother.

Unsung Heroes:

We all have different heroes. My best friend is a nurse who works on the Covid unit in a nursing home - she is obviously a hero. To me, the unsung heroes of Covid-19 include local small business owners who get up every day determined to find solutions to keep their staff employed, the vendors paid and the doors open.

Richard Healy is one of these unsung heroes. Not only is he focused daily on his own business, he also is investing a significant amount of his time to support his local business community. He, like so many other entrepreneurs is living in a perpetual state of uncertainty and yet he remains positive, determined and focused on a bright future for his business, The Keep and for Lowell, his community.

He is one among many of my local heroes and it was an honor to speak to him about what he is learned on this journey, how he is innovating in his business as well as efforts he is making to rise all boats that float around him.

Well, if you've met Andy Jacobsen from Brew'd Awakening Coffeehaus, then you're a very lucky person indeed!

Andy is easy-going and lighthearted. And, like a large and growing number of people in our community, he has fully invested and leaned-into making Lowell Ma and specifically Beautiful Downtown Lowell a vibrant, artistic and connected place to live, work and play.

Brew’d Awakening is a shining example of how a small, independent coffee house can bring people together, enhance creative expression and support local artists, musicians, writers and poets - all through the pleasure of a cup coffee and a good conversation.

Speaking of good conversation, I had the pleasure to chat with Andy this weekend, about his business, family and love of the woods.

Thank you Andy, for your time, your friendship and the legacy you are leaving our community.

It was such a pleasure to speak with Amelia Luis Nieves , from Paradox Personal Training in Lowell, Massachusetts. Amelia is an inspiration to us because in less than a year she was able to build a personal training and group training program, where she rented space from another facility, into a thriving independent gym.

With very few resources she was able to build a small business that provided financial wellness for herself and her family. She is married to a small business owner as well, so at this particular time, during the COVID-19 challenge, her entire family is relying upon the goodwill of the federal and local governments as well as the goodwill of the members that are still willing and able to pay for her classes even though they can't actually come to class.

Amelia exhibits the kind of resilience, fortitude and grace that made me fall in love with entrepreneurship in the first place.

Thanks for the inspiration Amelia.